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I make my paintings

on the backside of plexiglass,

painting with 

acrylic paints

blended with a mix of the beach elements of sand, shells, and rocks, and

at times touches of my

hand-painted papers for land, rocks in the water, umbrellas, and trees.


I developed the mix of mediums and techniques
I am working with. Wanting my paintings to feel
more natural, I discovered how I could add sand, shells, seaglass, and rocks into my paintings.
I was happy to see that it blended nicely with my paints, and was excited to see that it gave my paintings a realistic feel, texture, and depth.

Wanting to create movement with my paints,
I discovered how to blend and layer my acrylics on
the glass, and create the soft look of the seafoam, waves, and clouds.  With the subtle metallics I add in, my paintings pick up light and change with different lighting throughout the day.

It's interesting to see what I create with each painting I make, and well worth the challenges that come with reverse glass painting when I see the glowing glassy colors and subtle metallics, the movement of the water, and the naturalness of the beaches.

I grew up in a creative environment, with a Dad who was a professional artist selling his art in galleries and art shows across the country. In our home I was always surrounded by his art and a lot of paintings and sculptures of artist friends, always changing with new art and art moved around, and my dad's paintings on our walls always coming and going.


I wasn't sure about becoming an artist myself until I started experimenting with getting my paint to have movement on the glass and working with different mediums. After testing mixing mediums and painting techniques, I had developed a style of painting and a look I really liked and decided to make art my work and became a full time artist. 





I was always going to my dad's art shows. Here's a picture I found of my family at the Del Mar Days Art show back in 1980, standing in front of my dad's art on display.

Finished painting from the backside of the plexiglass and...


Growing up in the beach town of Del Mar, California, in North County San Diego, I spent most of my summer days all day at the beach often until sunset.  

I have been making paintings for the past 15 years & showing my work mainly in California and Florida.


...the same painting flipped over and seeing from the frontside of the plexiglass.

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bShawnie Mirandon

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